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Sensors and Connectors

YIVO Complaint Management

Our operations tools allow you to see live updates for all of your sites.

YIVO Implementation Map

The YIVO Implementation Map gives a visual live view of all remote projects to both partners and customers. It is used to store documents , create your own project work flow and track project progress in real time. 

Deployment App02.jpg
Deployment App03.jpg

YIVO Development App

The YIVO deployment app is used extensively by installation partners to manage remote deployments . It sends daily update on project progress and on-site status. It is used to send upload instructions and training videos, making it easy to leverage already available technical people on sites to do installations easily. 

YIVO Maintenance

YIVOmaintenance is used by remote NOCs to service customer requests. It works as an intermediate system to merge service requests of all equipments that the platform connects to and create escalation matrix and notifications for each OEM vendor, making maintenance easier and quicker. 

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