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YIVO IOT Gateway

Multi - Site Retail

Energos helps multi-site businesses to become data smart while also reducing their carbon emissions by being energy efficient

Energos - Introduction (2)_edited.png


Energy started its product roadmap journey from innovating on its unique

patented methodology of making HVAC loads consume less energy and

tested it as the first MVP with multisite businesses.


Various retailers like banking retail, clothing retail, food chain, convenience

& grocery chains, and fuel service stations are vastly spread out and

have distributed energy systems consisting of major loads like heating,

cooling and refrigeration loads and energy sources like rooftop solar and

storage for back up. They have deployed early version of our YIVO platform

to reduce cost of heating, cooling and refrigeration.


Some of those customers who installed renewable assets, went on to use

our Edge AI which creates autonomous self-optimizing energy flow between

loads and supply sources to make the entire energy system optimized.

Our customers have saved over 30% using YIVO platform



The YIVO platform went on to gather data from non energy equipment of many

customers by further connects to water pressure sensors, Kitchen equipment in food

chain, and even fuel dispensers in fuel service stations, with an aim to create learning model to further optimize remote business operations, maintenance and compliances.


Several multi-site businesses also use our complain management tool to create custom work flows to reduce equipment downtime, analyze equipment health check and manage SLAs with OEMs.



YIVO app provides a secure environment for alerts and alarm escalations.

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