Frequently Asked Questions

Who should deploy the YIVO platform and why?

YIVO software data platform with edge AI are deployed by energy retailers who are transforming their business alongwith the energy transition.

Does YIVO platform also deliver energy efficiency by reducing energy costs?

As a first step, we set control rules to reduce any low level energy leakages of time or temperature settings. Next, YIVObot AI takes over control of your heating and cooling loads and makes them more responsive to weather changes and heat load changes.

How much energy cost reduction can I expect?

You can expect between 20-30% reduction in energy bills.

How do you calculate savings?

We set baselines for each month in a year based on the globally accepted IPMVP method. Savings are calculated by comparing reduction in consumption and cost from that baseline.

Can you help reduce energy cost from loads other than heating and cooling?

YIVOBOT is designed to connect with various lighting, motors and drives and automate their operation, thus reducing any time leakage and saving further on energy cost.

Can YIVO platform help meet other sustainability goals, such as water conservation and toxicity management?

YIVObot is a very powerful IOT gateway that can connect to smart meters, water meters and, various sensors like CO2 sensor, pressure sensor, level sensors and more. These data is pushed to the remote platform and generates reports and insights to ensure sustainability compliance.

How can YIVObot help my business with operations, maintenance and compliances?

If you have an age multi-step business, YIVObot can IOT any equipment and generate live remote views of status of the equipment. Remote control capabilities of yivobot allow two way control and communication with your critical equipment . This allows your to IOt your entire remote operations and reduce operations cost, reduce maintenance cost, reduce down times, and ensure norms and compliances.

How can YIVObot help my business if I'm setting up solar roofs, back up storage and/or EV charging points at our campus/ outlet?

YIVObot platform connects to all invertors and EV charge points. It not only monitors these assets but also balances them with other loads like HVAC to ensure that there is no demand surge.

How can an EV charging company partner with us?

If you are a EV services company, you can send booking instructions from your app to YIVObot platform which will prevent demand surge, & do autonomous energy flow and self-tuning between various energy loads like HVAC and batteries and ,distributed energy sources like solar and storage.