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Commercial & Industrial

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The evolving distributed smart grid based on distributed

energy resources like solar, storage and others, must be

resilient to power disruptions due to adverse weather and

from demand fluctuations due to peak loads. Making major

loads like HVAC, batteries and others 'flexible’, is an effective

way to in-built some of this resiliency. Such flexibility can also

help to optimize and better utilize the total power available at

any time.


Power utilities deploy YIVo platform to run demand response

programs with their Commercial and Industrial customers.

C&I demand response is more complex than residential

demand response and requires YIVObot’s advanced AI control capabilities to create “Flexi Loads”. Based on dynamic price signals, and YIVO behavior tools , Auto DR programs can be run effectively during peak demand. Thus creating  VPP (Virtual Power Plants) and hence forming  a smarter interactive distributed grid.

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