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Solar Panels

IoT & Edge AI Based Unified Data Platform


Helping Businesses Transform

Our unified platform based on IoT and EdgeAI is designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions about their energy and mobility infrastructure. We use advanced analytics to provide real-time insights and predictions, enabling our clients to transform their business and make it future-proof.

Vehicle Charging Stations

We Collect 144 Million Data Points Daily

An End to End Solution

Our IoT middleware is device-agnostic and is compatible with varies energy, transport, and business devices, for seamless data collection and modeling.


Real-time Monitoring

Our platform provides real-time monitoring of energy and mobility asset performance and generates patterns, automating parts of operations and allowing businesses to make informed decisions about cost saving and profit opportunities.


Predictive Analytics

Our advanced analytics engine uses machine learning algorithms to provide automatic health checks, and predictive insights for optimizing operations as well as increasing returns from assets.


Intuitive Dashboard

Our platform comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides a comprehensive ticketing system with options for IoT based auto ticketing & manual ticketing, and tracks reduction in carbon emissions from energy, and business operations.

One Unified Platform

Data is the new oil for modern businesses, especially those with distributed energy and mobility infrastructure.  It is crucial to collect, access, and analyze data across your business network to automate operations and drive profitable activity. Our platform provides an easy and efficient way to access next-level data from both legacy equipment with proprietary protocols and, new equipment with open protocols, making it easy for organizations to bring all business data on a single platform for seamless operations.

Electric Charging Station
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