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UNIFIED DATA PLATFORM FOR ENERGY & MOBILITY TRANSFORMATION is a unified data platform with IOT and edge AI, for energy retailers & service providers to increase the return on investment from their energy & mobility investments, while reducing cost of operating & managing them. The company has operations in United States, Australia, South East Asia and India. 

Our Platform

Unified open platform and edge AI for distributed energy and electric vehicle charging & storage infrastructure.

Our Services

YIVObot Gateway

Our IOT gateway is a AI driven middleware to seamlessly gather data, analyze and control varied energy, non-energy and mobility assets

YIVO Cloud Analytics

Our remote analytics provides a live view of your operations. Data analytics is used not only for business insights but also for building grid flexibility and resiliency.


Our AI algorithms reside at the edge on our gateway , thus forming  a mesh of intelligent nodes that make distributed energy sources and loads interactive and optimized.

Complaint Management

YIVO Complaint management is set of project management and ticketing tools to improve green fielding, manage multi-sites and improve maintenance of your business operations. Businesses also use yivo complaint management  to manage SLAs with multiple vendors. It has easy integration with third party CRMs

Ready to find out more?

Schedule a live demo with our team and fine out more about how Energos can help your business reduce their carbon footprint and meet their energy goals!

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